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Executive Search/Direct Search - Management Assessment - Executive Coaching
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Wij zien uit naar een kennismaking met u!
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CFR The Netherlands

CFR The Netherlands BV was founded in 2013 as an independent continuation of the business unit Direct Search / Executive Search within the Interselect Group. Consultants of CFR The Netherlands offer more than 35 years of successful experience in searching and finding perfect candidates for specific management functions or other very specific positions in business and not-for-profit. With our proactive approach to potential candidates, we certainly do not limit ourselves to active job-seekers.

Market segments:

– Industry (Technology / Manufacturing)
– Life Sciences / Health Care / (Bio)Pharma
– B-to-B
– B-to-C
– Finance
– IT / ICT
– Not-for-profit

CFR The Netherlands is part of CFR Global Executive Search Alliance. A network of Executive Search firms with over 60 offices and approximately 300 consultants. The network extends over 30 countries in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Australia.



CFR Global

About us

Jos Van Bree

Jos J. van Bree, Director

  • Direct/Executive Search, Assessment, Executive Coaching
  • Generalist
  • Mission: 100% success

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Jacqueline Van Bree

Jacqueline H. van Bree, Director

  • Recruitment. Interim Management, Detachering
  • Planning, Back-Office, Project Management

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Maarten Van De Sande

Maarten van de Sande, Associate

  • Recruitment, Executive search
  • General Management, Finance & Control, HR- and Operational Management

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Jan van der Poel

Jan van der Poel, Associate

  • Recruitment, Direct Search
  • Farma, Biofarma, Healthcare

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Claudia Müller

Claudia Müller, associate

  • Research, pre-selection

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Aad Vijfvinkel

Aad Vijfvinkel, Associate

  • Recruitment,
  • Generalist

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Lilian Buckx

Lilian Buckx, Associate

  • Research, Pre-Selection

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This service is with us much more than the name suggests. It starts long before of Search exists. The basis of a successful procedure is formed by the intake. Structured interviews with the principal and staff involved give us a clear picture of the organization and the vacant position. The skills and personality of the man / woman we are looking for become very clear.
Only then the search starts.

Potential candidates are, in majority, not actively looking for a new challenge. Therefore, we actively search for them.
In case of mutual interest, the active selection process starts.

Introductory meetings and structured behavioral interviews follow. Testing for personality and cognitive skills and an intensive Assessment Center can be part of the process. The process will lead to the delivery of a shortlist of 3 to 4 candidates, meeting all job requirements.

Final decision and Evaluation

We guide the client through to the final decision and then we follow the performance of the candidate in practice through a structured evaluation process.

CFR The Netherlands has a clear roadmap for all steps in the whole process.

Management Assessment
The team of CFR The Netherlands is since many years involved in very state-of-the-art assessment methodologies. We work closely with the best experts in this field.

Executive Coaching
Many years of experience in selection and evaluation of managers has given us a large network of professionals in Human Resource Management. As a result we are able to carry out successful coaching programs. Valuable, results-oriented guidance through one-on-one meetings that increase personal effectiveness.


Step 1 – Intake
Clear view of organization, position and person to search.

Step 2 – Targetlist and longlist
Production of targetlist (organizations where appropriate professionals functioning) and long list (people identified as meeting the profile).

Step 3 – Search
Research for the backgrounds of potential candidates. Proactive telephone contact. Mutual exchange of information. Creating interest. Obtain CVs.

Step 4 – Personal interviews
Acquaintance through personal interviews.

Step 5 – Behavioural Targeted interviews
Structured behavioral interviews with suitable candidates.

Step 6 – Presentation of candidates
Presentation of the files of 3 to 4 candidates who meet the agreed criteria.

Step 7 – Internal selection
Your internal selection process. Supported where necessary by us.

Step 8 – Final decision and evaluation
Guidance to the final decision. Evaluation of the whole completed process.

Lead time
Normally, the lead time to presentation of final candidates is approximately six weeks.
Testing, assessment centers and reference research consultation.
Evaluation and counseling for six months after start in the new position is essential and included.

Recent Assignments Successfully Executed


  • Regional Public Transport – Manager Operations
  • B-to-b Service Industry International Logistics – Sales Manager
  • Construction Materials: Plant Manager
  • Project Design: Country Manager
  • Project Design: Business Development Manager
  • Machinery Industry: General Manager Benelux
  • Pharmaceutical Industry – Orphan drugs: Business Development Manager
  • Pharmaceutical Industry: Country Manager
  • B-to-B Service Company: Country Manager
  • B-to-B Logistics Company: Country Manager
  • IT Hardware – Software Vendor: Finance Director
  • Agricultural Machinery Industrys: Sales Manager
  • Automotive: Sales Manager Trucks
  • Measurement Instruments Industry:: Manager Operations
  • Special Oil Products Company: Senior Sales Executive


  • India – Production Plant of Technical Equipment: Plant Manager
  • Turkey – Sales organization of Technical Instruments: Country Manager
  • Poland – Manufacturer of measuring equipment: Country Manager
  • Singapore – Manufacturer of measuring equipment: Manager SE Asia
  • Russia – Sales Organisation of technical equipment: Sales Manager
  • Germany – Pharmaceutical Industry: Business Development Manager
  • Italy – Pharmaceutical Industry: Regional Manager Southern Europe
  • Abu Dhabi – Carpet Industry: Marketing Manager
  • Belgium – Sales Organization of Cosmetic Products: Country Manager

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